My typical context for #productiondesign is a 50' wide stage. This post is a chance to share a little about what has become a very enjoyable way to apply my skills: Helping to create another environmental, walk-through experience.
This past week at Kensington (in conjunction with our 6 week weekend series and their small group curriculum) people have been going through the Journey Home Walk-thru Experience.
My friend Kristen produced the project, and I was privileged to partner with her in creating a story-telling experience for people in these 3rd floor classrooms. I love ideating with such minds as hers to come up with ways to maximize our minimal resources. How could we use what we had and harness amazing volunteers to pull off the magical in a very short timeline? Huge thanks to such new friends Ed (who pointed the construction) and his wife, Michele, who applied her artistry with staple-gun and brush. Thanks also to such friends as Kyle, Mark, Andrew, Collin, and the unnamed others who helped transform some stark rooms into something magical. Thanks again, Kristen!
  • Lumber - some new (especially for the foundational construction) but lots harvested - old pallets and also some genuine barn wood (thanks to the beautiful openhandedness of my friend Josh)
  • Related to the lumber that we used for both construction and decor, Corrugated Metal.
  • Also related was a bunch of branches. Some turned into curtain rods; others bunched for decor in corners.
  • Fabrics - We placed an order from RoseBrand for Muslin (IFR) to make the Tepees and the window treatments. We also reused such fabrics as Black Tergalet, Burgundy Commando (both recycled from last year's Easter as well as the Story conference - and as usual, some Duvetyn (I find endless uses for this amazing bang-for-the-buck product). Yes, I'm a fan of RoseBrand… Also some camouflage netting that we used for Easter '08.
  • Recycled Props like lamps from Christmas, fake stone pillar reflecting pools from a Midweek series ages back, several benches and chairs, etc.
  • Pillows, drapes, sand for a sandbox, and custom created signage.
  • In addition to lamp-posts, candles, suspended light bulbs, lamps, and chandeliers; I created a light-plot using a few theatrical instruments including pars & lekos with gels&gobos, RGB-LED fixtures, as well as some home-made track-lighting pin-spots that we recycled from a previous experiential walk-through on the 2nd floor. The benefit was that we eased guests into the experience and therefore could get away with things being pretty dim. For what we had available to use, I was very happy with how it turned out.

It was originally scheduled to run last week, but has been extended through at least tomorrow. If you have a chance, you should come experience it in person.