Scenic & Lighting Design

This was one of my earliest theatrical designs. It was a privilege to be invited to this project and bring the book to life on the stage. The following illustrates the process of creation:
  1. Read the script (still in rough version adapted from the book)
  2. Ideate with the Producer and Director
  3. Research Italian restaurants
  4. Sketch concepts
  5. Development and refinement
  6. Scale drawings
  7. Texture, paint, functionals, decor
  8. Custom table design tilted downstage slightly for audience
  9. Lighting Design
  10. Additions of floor and pillar
  11. Sign off on build process and finishing details like paint, texture, stain, electrical, etc.
  12. Transportation entire set has to transport in trailer, fit through standard doors, and setup/strike quickly for multiple venues
  13. Oversee setup and lighting focus
  14. Program lighting